Cultivating Rest  

A 2 hour deep dive into the practices of restorative+intuitive yoga and yoga nidra. With an emphasis on self inquiry and creativity.

Hosted mid moonthly, Cultivating Rest honors the time betwixt, between, and neither here nor there. The sweet spot in the middle. Settle into new and yet very old ways of being. Aligned with the cycles of nature, your true Self, and all that surrounds you in this very animate world.

You have a responsibility to rest. Rest is intrinsic to this human existence. It’s time to claim the fullness of you by embracing rest and Being as much as work and doing. What kind of world would emerge through uplifting creativity and reflection as much as productivity and growth? Rest is your birthright, it’s time to claim it.

Deep Dive into Rest

Location: Camden Whole Health

4-6pm on Sunday, April 21st

6-8pm on Wednesday, May 15th

6-8pm on Friday, June 14th

4-6pm on Saturday, July 13th

4-6pm on Sunday, August 11th

Energy exchange: $50/each for drop-in

$40/each if you register for all

Space is limited to 14 participants. Sign up now to reserve your space.

Dance Ritual

A 2 hour long somatic experience where we will connect to ourselves and the animate world. Embodiment as ritual

Sound Healing and Restful Yoga

With Lindsay Crawford and Lindsey Grant

Experience deep relaxation and nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.

Let us harness the energy of the vernal equinox to become more embodied and attuned to the rhythms of nature, sound, and our Selves.

Turn off the phones, commitments, and responsibilities and allow yourself to simply and profoundly, receive.

Healing and Rest are your Responsibility

Next one coming soon…

Embracing your whole Self

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