Moon Series

Connect to the cycles above and within for this deep dive into the receptive, creative, healing qualities of the full and new moons.

Re-wilding by tuning into and honoring your natural rhythms and how they weave together with the rhythms of nature.


Moon Series Dates

Join our Lunar Gathering on the Full and/or New Moon each moonth. 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Thursday, June 6th: New Moon

Friday, June 21st: Full Moon

Friday, July 5th: New Moon

Sunday, July 21st: Full Moon

Sunday, August 4th: New Moon

Sunday, August 18th: Full Moon

Location: Camden Whole Health

What to Expect

A gathering rooted in connection and community; exploring movement, creative ritual, and deep rest.

We will come together and explore the practices of yoga, meditation, mantra, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, and ritual according to the phase of the moon and time within the season. Drawing upon the ancient lineages of Tantra, Goddess reverence, our intrinsic bond to the natural world, and our own unique inner guidance, we will collectively step into a sense of power and wholeness.

Energy Exchange

  • You can sign up for one Gathering at a time

  • OR Sign up for the entire series for a lower rate per Gathering.

  • $85 energy exchange for one Gathering at a time.

  • OR $65 per Gathering if you sign up for the whole Series ahead of time.

Space is limited to 14 participants.  

Embracing your whole Self

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